ST/ UPC Cable Assemblies
We Buy and Sell NT3P20XC  NTFM22CA  NTHX51AA
We Buy and Sell WS-C3548XL-EN WS-X6348-RJ45

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ST/ UPC Cable Assemblies

Simplex, Duplex, 4,6,12,24,36,72 or 144 strand

For single-mode fiber: 8.3/125um
For multi-mode fiber: 50/125 um and 62.5/125um

Cable versions:
Buffered fiber (900um outside dia.)
Cable (2.0mm, 2.9mm outside dia.)
Duplex cable (outside dia.: 2 x 2.0mm, 2 x 2.9mm)

Polishing method: PC/SPC/UPC
Meets IEC 61754-4 standard
With push-pull locking mechanism, easy-to-use with high tensile strength

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